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Queensway Gateway: Hollington Valley local wildlife site sacrificed for next business park


SeaChange’s latest project is the Queensway Gateway road.  This road will run from Queensway to the A21, right through the middle of the Hollington Valley Local Wildlife Site,  described in its designation report as ‘invaluable and irreplaceable’ and ‘one of the best wildlife habitats in Hastings’.

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Enviro 21: 500 jobs promised, 24 jobs created


Enviro 21, showing the huge area of land that was cleared but never built on


The ‘Enviro 21′ business park on Queensway was funded with £9.3m of public money on the basis that it would create 500 jobs.  How many have actually been created?  According to our research, 24. In other words, less than 5% of what was promised.

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North Queensway Innovation Park: 865 jobs or none?


North Queensway Innovation Park: ‘opportunities for occupiers’

North Queensway Innovation Park: ‘the first word in bespoke manufacturing premises and a truly world class facility’? Or another empty SeaChange site a stone’s throw from the half empty ‘exciting new commercial concept’ of Enviro 21?

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